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Gamifying Delany’s Writing and Grammar Terms

In the text, About Writing, by Samuel R. Delany, he challenges writers to learn some common and uncommon rules of grammar and parts of speech by the time the season turns.

I have found the only way I can remember and use detailed info like this is through lots of repetition. So, I put the terms Delany mentions into a Quizlet exercise for practice. You are welcome to use the exercise and return to it as often as you like.

The exercise is below. You can also find it here.

I suggest starting with Flashcards before trying the other formats.

Let me know in the comments below if you find anything that needs fixing and if you find the exercise helpful.


Aside from Delany’s text, content for this exercise was drawn and adapted from the Quizlet Community,,,,,,,,,,, and


Delaney, Samuel R. About Writing: 7 Essays, 4 Letters & 5 Interviews. Wesleyan University Press, 2005. See Appendix: Nits, Nips, Tucks, and Tips, pp 375-419.

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