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Resource: Is Hopepunk a Thing?

The BBC thinks so. See their blog post titled The sci-fi genre offering radical hope for living better. Interestingly, the BBC has produced a “hopepunk” podcast series called The Cipher. This is not a bad thing.

Annalee Newitz thinks Hopepunk is not a genre, saying that any story can have elements of hope. Newitz has written some great, hopeful work.

My 2 cents is that we need a counterbalance to all the dystopian stuff in popular culture and much recent speculative fiction. Whether Hopepunk is a genre, subgenre, or something else is beside the point.

And Off on a Tangent

A challenge to writing hopeful stories (or dystopian stories for that matter) is to do it without including too many “peanuts of pathos.” See Bloom County by Berke Breathed for details – dystopia at its finest.


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